Art possesses the remarkable ability to capture stories, emotions and experiences through visual and creative expressions. Our firm is dedicated to guiding individuals through this experience, helping you discover how art can beautifully and eloquently tell your unique story in countless, captivating ways.


Our process includes:


Discovery:  Understanding your goals, interests, spaces and budgets


Art Procurement:  Collaborating with an extensive network of artists, galleries and auction houses. Spanning the globe we specialize in the art of procurement.  Our expertise lies in refining the vast array of options available, presenting you with a curated selection that aligns seamlessly with your vision. 


Placement and Installation:  our team specializes in orchestrating every facet of your art installations.  From curating the perfect framing and refining the final presentation to coordinating seasoned installers.  We’re committed to being present on-site to oversee every detail. 


Explore our services:  moving, appraisals, resale, auction.

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