Back in the ’60s our parents set out to collect contemporary art.  They visited galleries, museums, traveled, met artists, and built a collection that has been pivotal to our family throughout our lives.  I knew at some point, I would need to have enough knowledge about the art to be able to manage the collection and decided to delve into the art world myself.    I studied, toured, met artists, visiting galleries and museums, and saw all that I could.  And then, I served on the board of an art organization.  It was Headlands Center for the Arts, a competitive artist in residency program for emerging artists.  It was there I heard artists' stories, learned about their work and realized that I could help others learn to collect art in a way that touched their souls and meant something to their own families.  My sister, who had her own journey through Sotheby’s and interior design has joined me and together we work with artists and collectors to bring art and artists into their own homes and businesses.  Whether it’s one piece for a special location, a full house or a corporate setting, our goal is to help you tap into the art that sparks creativity, inspiration, beauty or all of the above.  Join us and see what you see!

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