Meet the Artist: Lee Malerich
Lee Malerich is no stranger to change and is well versed in the conceptual ways in which an artist mixes found objects to create unique works of art. Her pieces tell a deeper story than meets the eye and truly come to life with a little reflection and imagination. Read on to hear more about how Lee transitioned from working in fibers to working in mixed media wood, how she infuses her life with creativity and meaning, and what her process is like.
Meet the Artist: Curtiss Brock
If you've ever seen our glass room, you have almost certainly been entranced by the work of glass artist, Curtiss Brock. Curtiss is a revolutionary figure in the Southeastern glass community and continues to blow us away with the work he creates with the inspiration of the natural world. Click through to read about his process and inspiration!
Meet the Artist: Russell Whiting
If you have been around Bluff View Art District for any amount of time, you have seen the work of sculptor, Russell Whiting. Russell first became part of the River Gallery family in the mid-1990's and has continued to bring such a brilliantly creative element to the gallery and its surroundings. Click through to read more about this artist and see some behind the scenes photos and videos.

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