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For more than a century, artists have challenged the conventional norms of representational art and explored new dimensions of creativity through abstraction. This art form embodies the human spirit, uniquely reflecting our imagination and desire to create something truly exceptional.


At Chasen Galleries, we curate a diverse and dynamic collection of contemporary abstract art that captures the essence of this revolutionary movement. We aim to offer you a thoughtful and engaging experience that invites you to explore the transformative power of abstract art for yourself. We look forward to sharing our passion for this art form and helping you discover contemporary works that inspire and captivate you.



What is Abstract Art? 



Abstract art is a unique and distinct art form that distinguishes itself from traditional representational art by intentionally avoiding depicting visual reality. Instead, abstract art relies on visual elements such as color, form, texture, and line to create an expressive and captivating visual experience.


Abstract art contains forms, shapes, colors, and lines that don't depict actual objects or living things. Abstraction implies the distancing of an idea from the objective association.


More than that, in its open-ended nature, abstract art invites interpretation and allows viewers to explore their emotions and perceptions. Developed a century ago, it is one of the modern self-renewing aspects in the tradition of creativity.




Popular Abstract Art Movements

People provide varying arguments for and against abstract art. Nevertheless, such debates open a wider perception of understanding art. So, interacting with abstract art movements can help you develop an informed opinion.


Abstract Expressionism

Abstract expressionism was the first American art movement to gain international recognition. American artists Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Mark Rothko started the movement between the 1940s and 50s. Considered a predecessor to Surrealism, abstract expressionism features mark-making and gestural brush strokes.

At Chasen Galleries, we proudly represent a number of talented contemporary abstract artists whose works embody this dynamic and inspiring movement.



Joanne Rafferty

With over thirty years of representation at Chasen Galleries, Joanne Rafferty is a beloved and highly collectible abstract artist. Her abstract landscapes are a combination of exotic papers, acrylics, polymers, metallic powders, collage, and minute glass beads that reflect light and color, resulting in stunning textures within each painting. The many layers of paint and color in her works create subtle changes when viewed under artificial light. Joanne's versatility and evolution as an artist have maintained a strong demand for her works. She is also a member of The National Association of Women Artists.


Karen Weihs

Karen Weihs is an artist who uses palette knives and particular brushes to create lush impasto layers interspersed with thin glazes that enrich colors and create canvases that glow with mysterious light and form. Her works radiate an otherworldly ambiance of shimmering colors and swirling shapes, representing whatever subject matter the viewer chooses to see. She deliberately simplifies her abstracted representational subject matter to capture the essence of a place rather than the reality of it. Weihs is a master of following creative impulses that inspire courage, uplift the spirit and elevate art-making to a new level of intellectual stimulation. 


Julie Kanapaux

Julie Kanapaux is an abstract artist whose work is focused on perception and space, influenced by nature. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting with a Minor in Photography at Ringling College of Art and Design, and has created numerous public artworks, including a multi-story mural and a sculpture. Kanapaux is also a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer with extensive professional experience. She is a Co-Director of the artist collective SARTQ and owns Kan Kan Studios. 





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If you're looking to add some contemporary abstract art to your home collection, you may find it challenging to source a comprehensive collection of works from various abstract artists. Fortunately, Chasen Galleries in Sarasota offers a beatuifully extensive collection of contemporary artists' works. Among our most requested abstract artists are gallery favorites such as Joanne RaffertyAlexys Henry, and Julie Kanapaux.

Explore Stunning Abstract Art Online Now


Searching for abstract art can be challenging and time-consuming, moving from gallery to gallery. Additionally, carrying the art by yourself can risk damage and improper installation. Exploring your abstract art online also gives you access to various artists' artwork and perfect installations.

One of the most important things with ordering art online is to ensure you have it properly delivered and installed to safeguard the work in transit and ensure it is installed in an appropriate space with appropriate support. 

Chasen Galleries offers in-home consultation and professional art installation to ensure your perfect piece has an ideal placement for you to enjoy for years. Contact us to set up your consultation.


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