The Hopi Foundation

Is an important resource for the Hopi and Tewa communities of Northeastern Arizona. The Foundation hosts a number of community based projects on the Hopi Reservation including: KUYI 88.1 FM Hopi Radio Station, Hopi Substance Abuse Prevention Center, Hopi Leadership Program, Natwani Coalition and Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative. They primarily serve residents within the Hopi reservation, but also extend to surrounding communities.

They are currently working with the Hopi Tribe to host an emergency fund for COVID-19 response.

Kerry Green has served on the Board of Trustees for 3 years.

To contribute and to learn more about the Hopi Foundation and it's projects visit their website.

Tesuque Elementary School- Home of the Eagles!

We are lucky to be neighbors with the Tesuque Elementary School. The students, staff and teachers use our sculpture garden as a gathering place for fire drills, a place for off site tutor recruitment and for art classes to look at art and sketch. 

Sandy Green is a retired elementary school teacher who volunteers with the Tesuque Tutor Club. The tutors are members of the wider Tesuque community who volunteer to teach reading, math and other subjects. 

If you are in the neighborhood and want to donate your time or funds to our small community school we encourage you to contact them. (505) 467-4100

initiatives we support

Keres Children's Learning Center