These are my drawing studies of Bargue Plates, created during my time at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. The plates are from the lithographs of Cours de Dessin (Drawing Course) by Charles Bargue, which he created specifically for use as a learning tool for students of drawing back in the 19th century. 


This Drawing Course is presently being used in most contemporary art ateliers rooted in the Western classical tradition. By studying and doing the rigorous exercises from Charles Bargue's Cours de Dessin, art students become equipped and train their eyes by learning about line, shape, and value, from the flat, before eventually moving on to drawing three-dimensional subjects: casts and still-life. 


It takes time, effort, patience, and a lot of sweat to go through this intensive drawing course. In addition, I chose the most difficult plates in the program. Although these are just outdated "studies" I made as an art student and are not part of my real body of work--I am happy to present the fruits of that labor on this page.


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Copyright © 2023, Kathryn Cárdenas. All Rights Reserved.


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