Are you an artist who believes your artwork would be a good fit for Mirada Fine Art and our clientele?  We'd love to see your work...but please, we'd truly appreciate it if you followed this procedure for submitting your artwork:


1.  If you haven't been to Mirada Fine Art in person, please look thoroughly through this website the review the other artists we have the pleasure of representing.  Do you feel like your work would flow well with the rest of our artists?  Does your work offer something unique?


2.  If you truly believe your work would be a strong addition to Mirada's offerings, select the four pieces of your artwork that you feel best represent the spirit and style of your artwork, and email us photos of those four pieces.  Please include the titles, medium, size, and pricing of each piece. 


3.  Along with the photos, please include your bio, CV, and any pertinent information.  If you have a website for your artwork, please include a link.


4.  Send all this information to:


5. NO WALK-IN SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ENTERTAINED.  Please respect this policy, and we hope you do not take this policy personally.  We truly understand that your work will look much more impressive in person, but our primary mission while at the gallery has to be promoting and marketing the artwork of our current body of artists.  


Thank you.

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