MIXHAUS GALLERY is an art and gathering space—where art connects, and gatherings are crafted with intention. 


As a contemporary art gallery, we focus on mixed media and cross-discipline artists, and we celebrate the story behind the artist’s process. Our space is available to rent for intimate meetings, retreats and events whose purpose is authentic connection, creative transformation and collaboration.


VISION  |  It is our vision that Comfort be a destination for artists of various disciplines as well as those organizations and groups of individuals who value what these creative visionaries offer in terms of artistic expression, shared story and Freethinking spirit.

MISSION  |  To catalyze authentic connection, creative transformation and collaboration through a curated mix of multi-disciplinary art and gatherings

CARA HINES | Artist / Managing Principal / Founder

Cara is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in Interior Design and minors in Architecture and Business. She is an abstract artist who works primarily in mixed media and encaustic. She has wide ranging experience in various capacities of the design and art worlds including project management, sales and marketing, showroom and gallery management, and art instruction. Cara co-founded Studio Comfort Texas in January 2019 with fellow artist, Jeannette MacDougall and became the sole proprietor when Jeannette moved on to other endeavors. 


After 5 years in business and many changes, Cara reimagined the business and created MixHaus Gallery. Cara selects art and artists who respond to and dialogue with the forward momentum of life: the yearning, the connection, the expansion of our humanity. Life positive. Earth positive. Nature positive. Nurture positive. Solution seeking––searching and fumbling as it may be––and always hopeful and upward turned.


Coley was born and raised in Comfort and is the calm, organized presence of MixHaus Gallery. She will be here to greet you when you visit, assist with studio registration, handle orders and purchases, help us manage our website, and assist other administrative duties. With her on our team, we know our t’s will be crossed and our i’s will be dotted!


Ginger is an Australian Shepherd and an integral part of MixHaus Gallery. She loves art, but more importantly, she loves people! When she has time off, she enjoys chasing frisbees, going for walks and swimming in our local Hill Country rivers. Sometimes she barks excitedly at our guests, but don't be fooled...she's completely harmless. She's simply passionate about welcoming you to our gallery space.

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Gallery Hours

Fri-Sat: 11a - 5p

Sun: 12p - 4p

Mon-Thu: by appointment


To book an appointment, please email or call Cara

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