Allison James: December Feature 


Allison James, is an artist inspired by life itself. She garners her inspiration from the messy, thrilling, human experience which then physically manifests into beautifully layered abstracts. This new body of work is quintessential Allison, featuring her classic plateaus, horizon lines, and swaths of blues all through a fresh combination of colors and textures. We are excited and proud to present this new body of work on panel and paper by the prolific, Allison James. 



Anne Darby Parker: 'Feminine Wisdom'


Charleston native, Anne Darby Parker, has spent her life creating. Her influences include a variety of artists with abstract expressionism and fauvism being her favorite sources of inspiration. When Anne paints she strives to connect emotion with the figure by combining mediums and focusing on shape and simplicity of line. We are thrilled to present a new body of work, Feminine Wisdom, by the inimitable Anne Darby Parker. 


Join us on Thursday, December 14 from 4PM-7PM for a Happy Hour reception to celebrate the artist's feature.

Art after all is but an extension of language to the expression of sensations too subtle for words.

—Robert Henri, The Art Spirit


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721 Governor Morrison Street
Suite 180
Charlotte, NC 28211
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