SUSPICIOUS PRIVACY is an installation concept initially set up in a Wynwood warehouse during Miami Art Week in Dec. 2014. Suspicious Privacy is an interactive art installation which explores contemporary privacy and surveillance issues through the examination ofdocuments outlining various protocols of government surveillance practices, provocative interactive sculpture, active surveillance technology and real time internet activity. The installation incorporates large scale face mounted photographic works, light box wall sculptures, interactive sculptural objects, active video and auditory surveillance of visitors (both on site and online), an electronic viewing area with two video walls, as well as a live streaming website and an onsite iPad kiosk to explore the website. The website not only presents images of the installation, but also displays all surveillance images generated of the visitors as well as a offers print products of all surveillance images generated in the installation. This represents the commodification of personal data gathering practices and our increasing loss of control in the matter. The purpose of the installation is to turn the remote and cerebral topics of surveillance and data gathering into an emotionally visceral experience for the viewer as the scope of the project unfolds and reveals the unexpected appropriation of their image through their participation.

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Keywords and Search Terms by Sol Hill

Keywords and Search Terms, 2014

108 x 190 x 1.50 in (274.32 x 482.60 x 3.81 cm)

Freedom Of Information by Sol Hill

Freedom Of Information, 2014

photocopy, acrylic, lexan, lightbox


Installation view by Sol Hill

Installation view, 2014


Questions by Sol Hill

Questions, 2014

44 x 99 in (111.76 x 251.46 cm)

You Are Being Watched by Sol Hill

You Are Being Watched, 2014


installation view (rendering) by Sol Hill

installation view (rendering), 2014


Double Plus Good by Sol Hill

Double Plus Good, 2014


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