A Season of Childlike Prosperity

Works will be made available for viewing and collecting Tuesday, July 14th at 10am right here online and in the gallery. 


A Season of Childlike Prosperity explores Jensen’s creative experiences during the quarantine of COVID-19 with the title nodding to two artists of influence. The first is Cy Twombly, who was accused of having scribbles that were "childish." His response was to correct the critic by saying his work was not "childish," but "childlike." The second is Mike Brody, who documented his life as a hobo in a book of photographs titled "A Period of Juvenile Prosperity." The book illustrates that his time jumping trains allowed for many adventures of youthful riches despite the apparent poverty of not having a home.

As Jensen watches his three young children play endlessly while home from school during quarantine, he has also been able to reallocate time to play richly with his art, pushing his work further and deeper.


Join us for a socially responsible "Meet & Mimosas" artist reception on Saturday, July 18th from 11am-2pm. You will be able to enjoy the exhibition in person and meet the talented creator. If you are staying home or aren't able to make it out, tune in to our Instagram LIVE at 10:30am just before our event for a quick Q&A with Josh. 





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