Alexa, Take Me Home!

Anya Tish Gallery is delighted to present Alexa, Take Me Home!, an exhibition spotlighting the work of four cutting-edge Texas artists that are now emerging on the local art scene. Touchingly relatable and achingly personal, these local talents are inspired by their everyday environment, finding common ground through the use of household materials that are rich with texture and a lexicon of camouflage patterns. The exhibition will feature large scale, complex work by Michelle C. Gonzales, intimate, multi-layered paintings by Sara Marcheli and Lee Walters, and Douglas Welsh’s music inspired abstracts.


About the Artists:

Fort Worth-based artist Michelle C. Gonzales combines oil and acrylic paint, sewing and domestic materials to create works that reference identity and family history rooted within fragmented memory. Her goal is to capture and reimagine memory through alternation, reconstruction, and preservation with physical artifacts and ambiguous narratives that over time, challenge truth. She is interested in how memory moves through time and space. Her use of multiple perspectives, saturated color, and imagery fade back and forth highlighting the imperfections of a hazy recollection that transports the viewer somewhere outside their natural environment. Gonzales holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Texas at Arlington, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Dallas. She is currently working with the Amon Carter Museum of American Art as a 2021 Community Artist. 

Native Texan, Sara Marcheli is a part of Glassell MFAH BLOCK XX. Marcheli is interested in documenting the overlooked human experience present in family photographs that she collects. Sketching these quiet moments allows the artist to open an investigation of the isolated event, to further develop her understanding of the narrative. It intrigues her that photographs often become stand-ins for our actual memories, displacing the event itself with the mental image of the photograph. Marcheli utilizes patterned fabrics (found, personal, or given), offering the viewer a seamless, nostalgic fusion of oil paint and textured textiles, enabling the viewer to adapt his own open-ended narrative. 

Houston-based Lee Walters’ collaged, monochromatic paintings are donned with domestic ornamentation, such as giftwrapping paper, glitter, and fabric. The artist uses these materials and colors to represent how she sees, or wishes to see, the people that are a part of her life, allowing the viewer to feel a personal connection to the artist and her immediate environment. Walters is currently seeking her MFA at the University of Houston. 

Florida-born, Texas-based painter, Douglas Welsh finds inspiration from listening to music by a diverse range of talents such as: The Killers, Beethoven, Miley Cyrus, St. Lucia, etc. Part of Welsh’s painting process involves listening to a chosen piece on repeat, sometimes for hours at a time, until he feels the painting is complete. Through this intense ritual, the artist is able to internally access his physical and mental energies, feelings, and memories, which he then transitions onto the canvas to produce sensual, amorphous forms. His abstracted, crisp edged shapes in varied but limited palette, are created with Latex housepaint, following in the wake of contemporary abstract expressionist painters. In his paintings the artist seeks, with harmony and balance, to express the visual synergy and synchronization in his own life. Welsh is currently obtaining his MFA at the University of Houston.