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Marlise Newman

“Painting from creative intuition rather than conscious reasoning is the way I do it. Through atmosphere and a little mystery, you may see curious mark-making and surprise use of color in landscape themes and objects.   My inspiration is that my work will speak and you will find treasures, connections and surprises along the way.”


Being born into a brood of of six children all of them artists, designers and musicians…a future in the creative arts was unavoidable. A North Carolina native, Marlise obtained a degree in Advertising Art and Design and worked as a commercial artist and interior designer before devoting herself to a full time painting career. Her early work in these fields informs and inspires her creative expression that has been a hallmark of her journey. Her fine art pursuits have led her to continue study under many accomplished artists and teachers. Marlise is an award-winning artist and has participated and placed in various juried shows throughout her career. Her work is collected across the United States and abroad.


“Working primarily with oil on panel, Newman’s subjects appear exceedingly simple; a road going into the distance or a singular boat...however, what resonates is the painterly way Newman works, applying her oils to imply rather than mimic the landscape. There is a passionate and impulsive use of line and color in these works. Newman fully engages the viewer, yet even with all this energy her work maintains a harmonious ambiance.”

-Mark Donley, Director, Eno Gallery


"Marlise's work is destined to emerge as some of the regions best, creating natural settings in an expert range of color, merging classical landscape themes in a contemporary manner."

-Artworks on Main


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