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Jean Wilson Freeman

I have been painting objects and walls for most of my life. Painted walls have been my main artistic expression and job for the last 15 years. Two years ago, I painted a large mural on Stone Avenue. Because of the particulars of that wall, I decided to do a botanical mural. I have always loved plants, flowers, gardening. I tell people I’d probably do floral design if I were starting over. When I designed the mural and worked on it for 3 weeks, it was truly a slow epiphany. I loved doing it so much. It was a marriage of a skill set with just love and joy and enthusiasm for subject matter. The older I get, the more I realize how important that is - your joy- what brings you happiness, and that whatever that is can be worthy of your focus and attention. It was a lightning bolt- I can draw flowers ALL the time. So, I started drawing them all the time. Botany is so beautiful but there is that earthly, elemental quality. Flowers are feminine, and relentless. They express a message of joy and resilience at the same time, which I’ve realized over my life- there are few adults who just wake up in the morning just feeling that joy. You have to work for it, and sometimes you have to stick to it when it doesn’t make immediate sense to the rest of the world, and sometimes you have to protect it. Flowers are necessary to my happiness. I try to draw them every day.

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