Jennifer Blalack

A Garden on the Wall - SOLD, 2015
Acrylic on Canvas
20 x 20 in (50.80 x 50.80 cm)
07/29/2019,"A Garden on the Wall" is one of many tributes to the artist's mother. Jennifer Blalacks' mother passed away in 2015 and the event had a profound effect on her, and her work. In this body of work, Blalack aggressively experiments with traditionally craft materials, including fabric, beads, netting, shells etc. However, in this painting to adheres strictly to acrylic, but the influence of these materials is quite apparent in her forms and mark making. This small canvas is simply packed with intricate details, colors and layers, giving the illusion of depth and media.
A Garden on the Wall - SOLD by Jennifer Blalack

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